Friday, May 10, 2013

a little update

Thought I'd post some stuff I've been doing since I haven't since... a year ago.

Here's some mermaids. There will probably be a lot more of these... as I work on a mermaid game called Mermaid World (by Crowdstar).

And here are some characters I was developing last year. I really liked them but never posted them.

 And then there is this cool Pokemon gallery called "Rare Candy" going on right now which I did a piece for. My random Pokemon was Starmie. It's done in traditional acrylic paint on illustration board, size 7x7in. Although I was a little disappointed to have a Pokemon with no true face, I just decided to make the gem into a giant shimmery eye gazing at an amazing shooting star.

Also, here is a link to all the other Pokemon pieces that you can bid on for charity!

Oh, I also painted this Katamari piece for a little gallery show at work. The prince is just rolling around in San Francisco, NBD.

So that's just a little snippet of what I've been doing since after graduating. My first year of working in the industry has been really great so far. I've really learned a lot and feel like I've grown as an artist.

I'll post some cool mermaids soon. :) And maybe some silly cosplay pictures.... lol

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