Saturday, February 8, 2014

Princess Celestia

So I watched all of the new "My Little Pony" series recently and completely fell in love with it. It's incredibly well-animated, the script is written with language relevant to our time, and it's just such a simple concept and story for a show, but somehow continues to capture interest with cute songs and quirky problems. The songs are too catchy btw....

I made this Alphonse Mucha inspired Celestia fanart. I hope to do more of these for Luna and maybe Cadence. Something about Celestia's design really calls to me. I think it's that magic four-color hair and how it's animated. HOW IS IT ANIMATED???

print available here:

I ended up doing all the decorative elements in Illustrator because I couldn't get clean enough lines in Photoshop. Also, it was just so much quicker in Illustrator.... That pen tool in Photoshop is useful, but I feel like it's not as easily manipulable.

PS: I chose morning glories as the flowers because Celestia raises the sun and is princess of the morning. :)


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